Hey Everyone,

As you all know, Brynlee, has been doing extremely well since undergoing her cancer treatment. We are so thankful to all of you for the generosity and help and support we have received. I need to ask another favor of you all. HopeKids is a support group for cancer kids that we have been involved with. They have been such a great support for her, by putting her in contact with other kids like herself and showing her and our other kids that there is fun to be had after chemo. They are having a fundraiser 5k walk/run on September 19th. We have signed up to participate in the event. We need to raise $250 for the cause. If you could help just a little bit, a few dollars, for Team Brynlee, we would be so grateful. We are also looking for 3 more people to join our team for the event. If you want to participate with us, up at “This is the place heritage park” on the 19th of September, please let us know.

Directions to contribute are as follows:

Go to the website: http://www.active.com/donate/uthopewalk

At the top of the webpage, click on the button “become a fundraiser”

Just below that button another will appear, “Join a fundraising team:” select: Team Brynlee

Another window will display with Team Brynlee on it and the place where you can donate on her behalf.

Thanks again for all your support for us, and our beautiful, healthy little girl!!!


Just thought I would do a quick update today. One year ago today I found the lump on Brynlee’s neck that turned out to be a tumor, two and a half weeks later we found out she had cancer. You would not know it now, she is doing GREAT! I actually take her tomorrow to her clinic visit. We still go every six weeks for check-ups and they continue to give us good news. The Doctors tell us that we would most likely be the ones to notice somethings wrong if the cancer comes back. So anytime she’s acting strange or does something wierd I try not to freak out.
Brynlee has been having a fun summer so far. Brynlee’s dad has been in Missouri for work all summer so we are trying to do some fun things to pass the time until he comes home. We just got back from San Diego where we spent two weeks with family having some fun. We did the beach and the pool a couple times, we were also able to visit the Zoo and water park. I will post pictures of our trip. Jeff was able to fly home for the 4th of July weekend and that was so nice. The kids really miss their dad. Whenever Brynlee’s in trouble she cries for her dad, he’s the nice one since he’s not around.
My latest challenge with Brynlee is trying to get her to give up her bink. She has a serious attatchment to that thing and it’s driving me crazy! Before she got sick we almost had her off of it. But of course as soon as we knew she was seriously ill we pretty much didn’t care anymore. So now that she’s doing so well it’s time to try and get her over it. I’m thinking it’s going to be harder on me than her:)
Other then that life is smooth sailing right now and I look forward to the day they declare her cured! That should be sometime in the year 2013, Brynlee will be seven years old. Again thank you to all those who support us and check her blog to see how she is doing. We are forever grateful for the love and support we are given.
The Card family on the 4th of July

Brynlee with her Dad, she was so glad he came home for a visit.

Bryn at the pool on our vacation

Enjoying the beach

Playing in the sand with Sadie, Brynlee loves to play in the sand!

I thought I would do one of her hair it is amazing to me how fast it has grown!

During chemo

7 months later

I saved her hair from before and it’s very much the same except for a little more blond and it has more curl to it.

Life has been crazy for us and a lot has happened since I last posted anything part of the problem was I misplaced the cord for the camera so I couldn’t download pictures to post. So we have a lot of catching up to do.
Brynlee has been doing great and has been busy enjoying life again. It is so great to see her healthy and happy acting like a perfectly normal three year old.
Brynlee turned three on March 24th. To celebrate we had all the family over and Jeff’s sister Kris made Brynlee a princess cake with all the princesses on it of course. Brynlee loved it and all the wonderful gifts and attention she recieved on her special day.
Brynlee on her birthday in the princess dress she received from make-a-wish
Aunt Mariah bought Brynlee a crown, looks cute with her spikey hair!
Blowing out the candles

We belong to an organization called HOPE KIDS. It’s a group for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. This group has all sorts of activities and fun things for us to do. They throw big birthday parties for all the hope kids and so here is a picture of Brynlee at the hope kids party. The party was at a skating slash bounce house, arcade type of place.
Bryn with sister Sadie enjoying cake at the hope kids party

One thing that was really exciting was that Brynlee’s hair was actually getting long enough to need a trim. Aunt Kayce cut her hair to help it have more shape and style. It’s looking so cute!

Brynlee had a great Easter, she colored eggs and had an egg hunt and her favorite part….LOTS OF CANDY!
Coloring eggs

Eating lots of chocolate

I just took Brynlee in for a check-up on Tuesday and they said everything is looking great. She will have another set of scans done in 6 weeks and if all looks good her appointments will be every 3 months for about a year and then they will stretch them out further and further apart. She will have to have an echo done on her heart once a year for the next 5 years, due to some of the chemo she received. Certain chemos can damage the heart. So they watch it to make sure there is no side effects. So she is looking great and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all those who continue to remember Brynlee, she’s a special girl for sure.

Brynlee had another check-up today in the clinic at Primary Childrens. They did CT scans and blood work, all tests came back normal. Once again the Dr’s and nurses are all so impressed with how well Brynlee responds to the tests. I was worried this time because she doesn’t have her central line anymore so they had to give her an IV. I tried to prepare her before hand and told her she would have to get a little poke. She cried for a second but they were able to get the IV on the first try so she got over it quick. In the past with other IV’s they have had to poke her several times before they could get it to work, so I am grateful it only took once.
The Doctor said that Brynlee will probably need to be seen every six weeks for the next two visits and then they can take the visits out a little further apart. We kind of like them often for the reassurance that all is well.
That’s the latest for now, I just wanted to let everyone know that she’s doing great. Thanks again for all the love and prayers for Brynlee.

Brynlee’s trip was a huge success full of fun and a lot of great memories. As most of you know Brynlee really wanted to see the princesses and so that’s what she did. Make-a-Wish sent the whole family to Florida for a week. When we arrived in Orlando we were met by two men who work for a place called “Give Kids The World”. This was the village where we stayed on our trip. The village was an awesome place where the kids were spoiled the whole time we were there. I told Jeff that it must be a requirement that you have to be extremely happy all the time in order to work there. It’s all about the kids there, including an all you can eat ice cream parlor that opens first thing in the morning, incase you want ice cream for breakfast. They have a carousel that Brynlee had to ride every morning after breakfast, infact she wouldn’t eat a very good breakfast because she had to get to the carousel. Everything at the village was free to us, including meals and entertainment it was a great place to stay.
The village gave us tickets to all the Disney parks, Universal Studios and Seaworld. So needless to say we didn’t have a lot of down time trying to fit everthing in why we were there. We had a lot of fun and of course the highlight of the trip was meeting the Princesses. Brynlee and her sisters were in heaven with them. Brynlee wore a button on her shirt that allowed her to meet all the Princesses without standing in line. Anytime the park workers saw her button she was taken right in to see all the diffrent characters. Her button also allowed us to get on every ride without having to wait. That part was great, it allowed us to be able to get sooo much more done in the week that we had.
So again, a big THANKYOU to make-a-wish, the village and the girls who adopted Brynlee’s wish. It was so great to see Brynlee and the rest of our family having so much fun after all we endured the last several months. We will always remember the great times we had there, it was wonderful.
Brynlee with Snow White

Cinderella and Brynlee

Brynlee loved all of the Princesses

Sleeping Beauty with Brynlee, Kade, Kenzie and Sadie

Bryn with Daddy on the Dumbo ride

Going on the roller coaster in Toon Town, Brynlee didn’t like it. According to her it’s fast and it goes down!

The carousel was a favorite

The whole family at Disney World

The family with Minnie and Mickey

Bryn getting her nails done at the spa they had for the kids at the village

The girls having ice cream at the village

The plane ride home….tired but happy



We discovered that something wasn’t quite right with Brynlee’s left eye, so we took her in to have it checked. She has been diagnosed with something called “Esotropia”. Which basically means her eye is pulling to the center. Her body has been working so hard to fight the cancer that her eye has become weak. I guess it’s not uncommon for this to happen. The doctor said it’s correctable, she will have to wear glasses for a while and do some excersises to help stregthen her eye.  So now she is sporting little pink glasses for the time being.

We went to Make-a-Wish last Tuesday for Brynlee’s send off party. Friends and family came to help celebrate with Brynlee. Brynlee was able to show everyone the wishing tower where she made her wish. We had cake to celebrate and Make-a-Wish presented us with some really nice gifts. They gave Brynlee her own backpack for the plane that was filled with things to keep her busy. She was given a princess dress and a gift card to spend at a place called “Bibbitty Bobbity Boo”, that’s where you go to get a princess make-over at Disney World. They also gave us an exspense check that will cover all expenses on our trip. Brynlee was given a star to write her name on and then she sent it up into the galaxy with all the other stars. Each star represents a child’s wish. That part of the evening was my favorite! Words can’t express how thankful we are for Brynlee and for her life, that she is still here with us and has the opportunity to do something fun after all she’s been through. Make-a-Wish is an awesome foundation! We are in awe at all they have done for Brynlee. Brynlee is so excited to go to Disney World, she askes me everyday “we going to Disney World today?” We leave on Friday for a fun filled and WARM week, we can’t wait! Thank you Make-a Wish and all those who have helped to make Brynlee’s wish come true!

Brynlee and her cake

Brynlee has her own key to the wishing tower. Only wish kids have thier own keys, they can go there whenever they want.

Cake Time

Brynlee with her star

The galaxy of stars

Bryn with her new backpack