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Cancer Check-Up

Today was Brynlee’s check-up at Primary Children’s.  She had labs drawn, an Echo done on her heart and a visit with doctor Wright in the clinic.

The older Brynlee gets the more she realizes that the hospital is not the great play place it use to be.  When she was in treatment she loved going there, she was only two and thought it was great to sleep at the hospital (most of the time).  Now that she no longer has her central line, needles are scary and she HATES getting her blood drawn!  This was our biggest battle today.  Normally daddy goes with us but he’s out-of-town for work, so mommy didn’t do as great of a job I guess in helping Bryn feel secure.  Once they called her back to take her blood she completely freaked out, kicking and screaming, the works!  I have never had her do this, so I was kinda freaking out as well.  Long story short, she survived and thanks to the child life specialist, we got her labs done.  Only after all was said and done Bryn realized it wasn’t so bad.  Let’s just hope she remember’s that on the next visit.

Up in clinic after her labs and Echo were done, we had a check-up with Dr. Wright.  We love her!  Everything looked great except for her urine.  It’s always the urine that comes back crazy.  This time it was red blood cells and too much protein.  So after discussing the issue further with the doc we decided to try for another urine sample, but of course Brynlee doesn’t have to go again.  Another long story short, we decided to leave and get a sample done at Riverton’s Primary Children’s hopefully on our way home after stopping for lunch she would have to go again by then.

So after two hospital visits and two urine samples, Dr Wright called later to say her second sample looked a lot better and further tests at this point would not be necessary, in less she starts having other symptoms.  Yeah for having clean pee!

All said and done, we should not have to go for another visit for 6 months.  Brynlee is doing great and we’re so thrilled with how well things are going.  She continues to see her eye doctor and we are hopeful that her eye will continue to improve as well.  Thanks for all the love and support we have received.  Brynlee is doing great!


After the scary needle. It’s the only time I wish she still had her line.  Blood draws were a lot easier then.

Atleast I got a pink bandage!

Getting my arm hug in the Clinic. I can’t believe how much she has grown.  This picture is so diffrent from her first visits at Primaries.


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Brynlee’s birthday’s mean so much to us and the fact that she has made it to five is awesome! We can’t even imagine what March 24th would be like if she wasn’t with us anymore. Life is so precious and so is our Brynlee. All she wanted for her birthday was a baby stroller with 2 seats. Well, you can’t have a stroller with 2 seats without getting 2 babies to sit in the stroller. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brynlee, we LOVE you!

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