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I took Brynlee for her 6 week check-up today.  They did a full work-up on her with the CT scans and blood work.  Her blood counts are a little off and they found a spot in her sinus.  The doctor wasn’t too worried at first saying that because she was sick last week and she now has a cough and runny nose, that was probably the cause of the spot and blood work presenting differently.  So I went home not too worried until the doctor called me and said she took a closer look at her scans from today and compared them with scans from her original diagnoses.  There is some concern because the spot is in the same place as the original spot that they found in her first scans.  So now here is the hard part, we have to wait 4 weeks to take her in for more blood work and scans.  The reason for the wait is if it is just because she has a cold we need time for it to drain and clear.  So when she goes for her scans it will be clear.  If it is the cancer it will still be there.  In the mean time we watch her close for any lumps or fever, which could also be signs that it is back.  The doctor said she isn’t too concerned, we just need to check it out.  Well I’m the mom and so I’m trying to not completely freak out but am very worried.  But this is why we have frequent check-ups, to make sure we catch it if it does come back.  So now we wait and hope for the best.  But it does not hurt to please remember her in your prayers, we would be very grateful for the support.  We will keep everyone posted when we know something.


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