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The Festival of Trees

Last year when Brynlee was in the hospital we took her on many, many walks.  On one of our walks we noticed an area where they had people working trying to get people to sign-up for the Festival of trees.  Jeff said “wouldn’t that be neat if we could do a tree for Brynlee”  at the time there was no way we could have taken that on with everything else we were dealing with, but walked away talking about how someday we would do that for her.  Well the someday has turned into today, we have signed-up to do a tree to honor Brynlee and all that she has been through.
If you don’t know anything about the Festival of Trees it’s because you probably don’t live in Utah.  The Festival of trees is put on every year at Christmas time and it is a sight to see!  Hundreds and hundreds of trees and other Christmas crafts are donated and are usually in honor or memory of someone.  All of the trees and other things are displayed for a few days at the Sandy Expo center, you can buy tickets and go look at everything displayed.  We did this with our kids last year and it was amazing!  On opening night they have an auction and everything is sold, you can buy a ticket for this night as well and bid on any of the things there.  Every single penny goes to Primary children’s Medical Center.  Jeff and I feel we need to give back to Primaries for all they have done for Brynlee, and to Honor Brynlee for all of her accomplishments.
So the reason for this post is to let you know that we would love your help in this project.  In order to participate we have to purchase the tree, decorate it and most of the time there are other things around the tree that are for sale with it.  For example, when we went last year there were simple things like toys and gift cards up to really big things like whole living room sets with fireplaces.  It was amazing to see what people had donated.  So we thought we would spread the word to see if we could get some help.  Our theme for our tree is “Baby It’s Cold Outside”  We plan on doing everything in winter colors with a warm quilt and hats and other things that would go with the theme.  I was even thinking how neat it would be to get things like lift tickets for a ski resort.  So depending on how much help we get depends on how far we can take this project.  We just want you to know your welcome to become a part of Team Brynlee and help give back.  The best way to donate would be to just click her donate button on this blog and donate, leave us a little note letting us know you want to help for the Festival.  Or you may donate directly to us, call me if you have any questions, ideas or would like to be more involved.  Donations of particular items can be donated as well, like gift cards or things that would go with our theme.  Just make sure everything donated is new.  We feel like we have been so blessed and supported through Brynlee’s whole ordeal, we would love to see that continue as we give back to Primaries.
The Festival will run from December 2-5 with opening night on the 1st.  For more info on the Festival you can go to www.festivaloftreesutah.org
Brynlee’s tree will be in aisle J spot 13 so go check it out if you can.  You will not regret attending this great event!  It’s an amazing way to bring that holiday spirit!  Let me know if you would like to help, thanks so much!  Jeff and Jen  801-372-1353
Just a few pictures of Bryn doing crafts and playing at Primaries during her long stays there.  The hospital really does a great job at helping them feel like their normal and can still have fun.

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The HopeKids 5K was a huge success and we had a great time!! Team Brynlee raised $450 and the whole group raised over $24,000. So a HUGE thank you to all who donated! You know who you are and we love you for it! Not only did we participate in the 5K but they had a lot of other fun things to do. Lots of food, fun and entertainment for all who joined with us that day. A big thanks to Elliot, Lisa and Keith who ran with us, thanks for your support. And to our family that joined us to help watch our kiddies, that’s a bigger job than most will ever know:) So here’s pictures from the big day and the next post will be all about our next fundraiser to help Primary Children’s. So watch for that. We love Primaries and want to do anything we can to give back. Nothing can compare to saving our sweet girl, but we’ll do what we can!HopeKids 006
Our team that ran the 5K

HopeKids 005
The shirts we wore. We did them in gold…it’s the color for childhood cancer awareness.

HopeKids 015
Fun with bubbles

HopeKids 004
The Princesses were even there!

HopeKids 009
Lots of Starwars people too

HopeKids 017
And of course, face painting

HopeKids 001
And last of all Kade staying real close to the food:)

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