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Hey Everyone,

As you all know, Brynlee, has been doing extremely well since undergoing her cancer treatment. We are so thankful to all of you for the generosity and help and support we have received. I need to ask another favor of you all. HopeKids is a support group for cancer kids that we have been involved with. They have been such a great support for her, by putting her in contact with other kids like herself and showing her and our other kids that there is fun to be had after chemo. They are having a fundraiser 5k walk/run on September 19th. We have signed up to participate in the event. We need to raise $250 for the cause. If you could help just a little bit, a few dollars, for Team Brynlee, we would be so grateful. We are also looking for 3 more people to join our team for the event. If you want to participate with us, up at “This is the place heritage park” on the 19th of September, please let us know.

Directions to contribute are as follows:

Go to the website: http://www.active.com/donate/uthopewalk

At the top of the webpage, click on the button “become a fundraiser”

Just below that button another will appear, “Join a fundraising team:” select: Team Brynlee

Another window will display with Team Brynlee on it and the place where you can donate on her behalf.

Thanks again for all your support for us, and our beautiful, healthy little girl!!!


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