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One year ago today

Just thought I would do a quick update today. One year ago today I found the lump on Brynlee’s neck that turned out to be a tumor, two and a half weeks later we found out she had cancer. You would not know it now, she is doing GREAT! I actually take her tomorrow to her clinic visit. We still go every six weeks for check-ups and they continue to give us good news. The Doctors tell us that we would most likely be the ones to notice somethings wrong if the cancer comes back. So anytime she’s acting strange or does something wierd I try not to freak out.
Brynlee has been having a fun summer so far. Brynlee’s dad has been in Missouri for work all summer so we are trying to do some fun things to pass the time until he comes home. We just got back from San Diego where we spent two weeks with family having some fun. We did the beach and the pool a couple times, we were also able to visit the Zoo and water park. I will post pictures of our trip. Jeff was able to fly home for the 4th of July weekend and that was so nice. The kids really miss their dad. Whenever Brynlee’s in trouble she cries for her dad, he’s the nice one since he’s not around.
My latest challenge with Brynlee is trying to get her to give up her bink. She has a serious attatchment to that thing and it’s driving me crazy! Before she got sick we almost had her off of it. But of course as soon as we knew she was seriously ill we pretty much didn’t care anymore. So now that she’s doing so well it’s time to try and get her over it. I’m thinking it’s going to be harder on me than her:)
Other then that life is smooth sailing right now and I look forward to the day they declare her cured! That should be sometime in the year 2013, Brynlee will be seven years old. Again thank you to all those who support us and check her blog to see how she is doing. We are forever grateful for the love and support we are given.
The Card family on the 4th of July

Brynlee with her Dad, she was so glad he came home for a visit.

Bryn at the pool on our vacation

Enjoying the beach

Playing in the sand with Sadie, Brynlee loves to play in the sand!

I thought I would do one of her hair it is amazing to me how fast it has grown!

During chemo

7 months later

I saved her hair from before and it’s very much the same except for a little more blond and it has more curl to it.


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