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Brynlee’s check-up

Brynlee had another check-up today in the clinic at Primary Childrens. They did CT scans and blood work, all tests came back normal. Once again the Dr’s and nurses are all so impressed with how well Brynlee responds to the tests. I was worried this time because she doesn’t have her central line anymore so they had to give her an IV. I tried to prepare her before hand and told her she would have to get a little poke. She cried for a second but they were able to get the IV on the first try so she got over it quick. In the past with other IV’s they have had to poke her several times before they could get it to work, so I am grateful it only took once.
The Doctor said that Brynlee will probably need to be seen every six weeks for the next two visits and then they can take the visits out a little further apart. We kind of like them often for the reassurance that all is well.
That’s the latest for now, I just wanted to let everyone know that she’s doing great. Thanks again for all the love and prayers for Brynlee.


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Brynlee’s wish trip

Brynlee’s trip was a huge success full of fun and a lot of great memories. As most of you know Brynlee really wanted to see the princesses and so that’s what she did. Make-a-Wish sent the whole family to Florida for a week. When we arrived in Orlando we were met by two men who work for a place called “Give Kids The World”. This was the village where we stayed on our trip. The village was an awesome place where the kids were spoiled the whole time we were there. I told Jeff that it must be a requirement that you have to be extremely happy all the time in order to work there. It’s all about the kids there, including an all you can eat ice cream parlor that opens first thing in the morning, incase you want ice cream for breakfast. They have a carousel that Brynlee had to ride every morning after breakfast, infact she wouldn’t eat a very good breakfast because she had to get to the carousel. Everything at the village was free to us, including meals and entertainment it was a great place to stay.
The village gave us tickets to all the Disney parks, Universal Studios and Seaworld. So needless to say we didn’t have a lot of down time trying to fit everthing in why we were there. We had a lot of fun and of course the highlight of the trip was meeting the Princesses. Brynlee and her sisters were in heaven with them. Brynlee wore a button on her shirt that allowed her to meet all the Princesses without standing in line. Anytime the park workers saw her button she was taken right in to see all the diffrent characters. Her button also allowed us to get on every ride without having to wait. That part was great, it allowed us to be able to get sooo much more done in the week that we had.
So again, a big THANKYOU to make-a-wish, the village and the girls who adopted Brynlee’s wish. It was so great to see Brynlee and the rest of our family having so much fun after all we endured the last several months. We will always remember the great times we had there, it was wonderful.
Brynlee with Snow White

Cinderella and Brynlee

Brynlee loved all of the Princesses

Sleeping Beauty with Brynlee, Kade, Kenzie and Sadie

Bryn with Daddy on the Dumbo ride

Going on the roller coaster in Toon Town, Brynlee didn’t like it. According to her it’s fast and it goes down!

The carousel was a favorite

The whole family at Disney World

The family with Minnie and Mickey

Bryn getting her nails done at the spa they had for the kids at the village

The girls having ice cream at the village

The plane ride home….tired but happy

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