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Brynlee’s new glasses



We discovered that something wasn’t quite right with Brynlee’s left eye, so we took her in to have it checked. She has been diagnosed with something called “Esotropia”. Which basically means her eye is pulling to the center. Her body has been working so hard to fight the cancer that her eye has become weak. I guess it’s not uncommon for this to happen. The doctor said it’s correctable, she will have to wear glasses for a while and do some excersises to help stregthen her eye.  So now she is sporting little pink glasses for the time being.


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We went to Make-a-Wish last Tuesday for Brynlee’s send off party. Friends and family came to help celebrate with Brynlee. Brynlee was able to show everyone the wishing tower where she made her wish. We had cake to celebrate and Make-a-Wish presented us with some really nice gifts. They gave Brynlee her own backpack for the plane that was filled with things to keep her busy. She was given a princess dress and a gift card to spend at a place called “Bibbitty Bobbity Boo”, that’s where you go to get a princess make-over at Disney World. They also gave us an exspense check that will cover all expenses on our trip. Brynlee was given a star to write her name on and then she sent it up into the galaxy with all the other stars. Each star represents a child’s wish. That part of the evening was my favorite! Words can’t express how thankful we are for Brynlee and for her life, that she is still here with us and has the opportunity to do something fun after all she’s been through. Make-a-Wish is an awesome foundation! We are in awe at all they have done for Brynlee. Brynlee is so excited to go to Disney World, she askes me everyday “we going to Disney World today?” We leave on Friday for a fun filled and WARM week, we can’t wait! Thank you Make-a Wish and all those who have helped to make Brynlee’s wish come true!

Brynlee and her cake

Brynlee has her own key to the wishing tower. Only wish kids have thier own keys, they can go there whenever they want.

Cake Time

Brynlee with her star

The galaxy of stars

Bryn with her new backpack

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Brynlee with Dr Wright

02-09-09-012I realized  I never posted the pictures we took at Brynlee’s last check-up. This is Brynlee with her Oncologist. Dr. Wright was the Doctor working the ICS unit when Brynlee was brought in the day of her diagnosis. Doctor Wright brought a lot of comfort and understanding to all that was happening to Brynlee in those first few days.


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2 February 2009

The following is from the Dover Family Blog at http://doverfamilydoodles.blogspot.com/2009/02/brynlees-fundraiser.html
I wanted to add this to let the world remember how many good people there are in this wonderful world of ours…Grandma Poulson
Dover Family Doodles

Sunday, February 1, 2009
Brynlee’s fundraiser! (And I forgot to take pictures!!!)

Yesterday was fun! I can’t believe the support of family and friends, and total strangers who not only donated money, items and services, but came to purchase items for all the Valentines in their life!
Thank you so much…to everyone!

The tally today was over $700. I still have items to sell on Craigslist or ebay.

Let me tell you about a few wonderfully sweet people who helped make yesterday such a success. First, my dear friend who did the machine quilting on the quilt for the raffle: I purchased the quilt top from a lady in Redmond OR. My friend put it on her machine and found that the quilt was about 2 inches smaller on one end then the other. She managed to stretch it out as she put it on the machine so that the final product only had a slight difference from one end to another. She was originally going to put a simple pattern on the quilt, but because of the size difference, and the needed stretching, she ended up doing a very elaborate pattern that added to the quilt so much. Thank you sweet friend! I love you!

Next was my friend who brought an item to donate, then purchased a few items totaling $30 but handed me a $100 check. I gave her raffle tickets to make up the difference. (Mikel had pre-sold over a $110 worth of tickets at work, and we had several people buy more tickets during the day, so the basket was full of the tickets.) One of my friends tickets was drawn…fair and square. I was so pleased!
She was thrilled to win…and after talking to her husband, they decided to donate another $100 to the cause. She is a grandma, and she works with little ones who are the same age as Brynlee, so she and her husband decided that they couldn’t imagine having to go through an ordeal like Brynlee has gone through. Thank you, wonderful people! I am so blessed to know you, and I love you both!

Let me share about another sweet couple who not only donated some handmade items to sell, but also a jar of money. They called it their Christmas Jar. They read the book, The Christmas Jar, and began a jar of their own to share with someone in need. I have to admit, I haven’t read the book, but I guarantee you, I will be shopping for the book soon! Anyhow, back to my friends…back in November, when I began talking about orchestrating a fund raiser, this dear couple saved their coins for Brynlee. There was something like $46(I can’t remember for sure) in that jar! Bless you sweet friends…and as you always sign your email to me…HUGS!

Then there was a lady who saw my ad on Craigslist who dropped off a large basket of Scensy products, (valued at over $66)a few days ago. She then stopped by yesterday, bringing a friend, who brought a friend (who came all the way from Hawaii!) One of these sweet ladies paid me $6 for a $1.00 Rice Krispie treat, and wouldn’t take the change. Another bought several cookies, and other items, and handed me $10 and wouldn’t take the change. The lady from Hawaii bought a $3 loaf of banana bread and gave me another $10.
….so it went the entire day…Those who have hearts bigger then the earth itself!

Above are just four examples of the generous people who have touched my life. This fundraiser has taught me several things.
#1 If anything like Brynlee’s family has endured happened to my immediate family, there are those who would step up and lend a hand…one way or another.
#2 We hear so many horrible stories about people on the news. There are so many wonderful people in the world that we never hear about!
#3 It takes a village to raise a child! We’re all in this world together, so no matter which “village” we live in, we can help lighten another’s load.
#4 My life has been enriched by many! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Brynlee and family…we hope this money will help ease some of the weight from your financial burdens! We love you!

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