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Brynlee had her check-up

I just wanted to update everyone on Brynlee’s progress. She had her check-up today and everything looks great. They did tests on her heart and blood, everything looks good except for her whiteblood count is still a little low but the Dr. said that’s okay and it should come up. We will continue to go every six weeks for check-ups and hopefully all will continue to go well. Again, we are so thankful for all your love, prayers and support.


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Make a wish called with our Disney world dates. We will fly out on February 20th and come back on the 26th. They are working on putting together the send off party they will throw for Brynlee. Make a wish throws a big party a few days before the trip. At the party Brynlee will be able to add a star to the cluster of stars that other children have put up at Make a wish, it will have her wish on it.

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The Cancer Foundation that threw the Christmas party for us also gave us tickets to the BYU basketball game. We all went to the game on the 6th. During half time they had all the Cancer families come out on the court where they showed a short video of the Christmas party. When the video finished they had all the families walk across the court and the whole stadium stood up and cheered for all the kids who fight so hard to stay alive. It was a very cool experience to have everyone stand and cheer. I don’t think Brynlee really knew exactly what was going on but she did have a really fun time at the game. Her favorite was watching Cosmo the cougar down on the court, she always wanted to know where he was at. She hasn’t decided if she likes him or not. I think she is warming up to him though, during the game I heard her ask Kenzie if Cosmo has teeth. I think she’s trying to figure out if it’s safe to like him.dsc00990
Cosmo the Cougar at the game
Brynlee with Daddy watching the video before we walked across the court

Brynlee walking the court watching everyone cheer for her.

The family after the game. Brynlee was acting quite silly, maybe it was the soda we let her drink.

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I realized I never posted a picture of Brynlee with her new earings.dsc00975

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A happy day

When your fighting cancer there is a lot of medicine involved. There were times when we had eight different syringes lined up for Brynlee to take at one time. Jeff made us a chart so we could keep everything straight. She was a trooper about it at first but tired of it after a while. Towards the end it was a struggle to get them down her. Well the great thing is she is down to just one and that is to prevent her from getting pneumonia. So it was a happy day when we dumped all the others down the drain.dsc00950dsc00953

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We took Brynlee to get her ears pierced. Her hair is growing like crazy and we thought it would help her look a little more feminine. Not to mention she is obsessed with earings anyway. She always has to check out your earings if your wearing any.dsc00940
getting ready for the piercingdsc00943
Getting earings

Brynlee was so brave, she cried for a minute until I showed her in the mirror. She took one look at her earings and she stopped crying and has loved them ever since.

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Brynlee’s Christmas

Brynlee on Christmas morning. She was hoping for a baby and candy from Santa. She got her wish! Santa also brought her a wagon, since she enjoyed them so much at the hospital.dsc00925
Brynlee’s first look at what Santa brought
Trying out her wagon
YUM! Brynlee loves candy!

We just wanted to thank everyone who helped out with Christmas for our kids. We originally told our kids that Christmas would be smaller this year and that our greatest gift was that Brynlee was alive and doing well. Our kids were really surprised Christmas morning to discover that they got a lot more than expected. So thankyou so much for all the help. I wish I could thank each person, however there were some that contributed anonymously. So again, thankyou!

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