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Brynlee makes her wish

We went to Make A Wish yesterday so Brynlee could make her wish. Brynlee with the help from Mom wrote her top three wishes on a paper. We then rolled it up and stuck it in a capsule. Make a wish has a wishing tower and each wish child has a key to the tower. Brynlee used her key to unlock the tower and we all went inside.
The door opened to a room full of lights that changed colors and a waterfall in the middle with a cylinder shaped object that Brynlee would place her wish in.
Brynlee put her wish capsule in the top piece of the cylinder. And then took that part over to the center of the room where the large cylinder stood.dsc00849
Brynlee placed the two parts together and off went her wish to the wishing wizard. Her wish was granted so off we will go to Disney World to meet all the Disney Princesses.
The whole family except for Kade, he was asleep in his car seat. This was taken in front of the waterfall in the wishing tower right after Brynlee made her wish.dsc00855
After the wish was granted we all went to the party room for rootbeer floats and cookies. Right before we leave on our trip we will go back to make a wish and they will have a send off party for Brynlee. We are so blessed to have make a wish, they do great things for great kids who deserve some happiness. Thanks Make A Wish, Brynlee is so excited! She talks about going to Disney World all the time and now we can’t wait to take her. The plan is to try to get dates in February, we will keep you updated.

Brynlee eating her float.


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A new Christmas Dress

Jeff’s Aunt Sandy Made all three girls beautiful matching Christmas dresses. Here’s a couple pictures of Brynlee wearing hers. Thanks Aunt Sandy, we love them!dsc00810dsc00819

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We were invited to the children with cancer at christmas foundation party. It was incredible! They had a night just for the parents to go to santa’s workshop. We basically got to go christmas shopping for all of our kids and we didn’t have to pay for anything. Then the second night we all went and had a pizza dinner, games to play, more toys for the kids, santa to visit and when we left they gave us a huge gift bag with a giant teddy bear hanging out the top. They also passed out turkey’s at the door and their sending us to a BYU basketball game next Tuesday. During half time at the game all the cancer families will be invited out on the court. Anyway we had a great time and are so grateful to this organization and all they do. We have been so blessed by so many peolpe through this whole ordeal that words can’t even express how thankful we are to everyone who has helped in any way to make our trials a little lighter. THANKYOU!

Brynlee at the Cancer Christmas Partydsc00792
Playing gamesdsc00801
Munching on cookies
The babies Brynlee chose from Santa’s workshop.

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14 December 2008

Yes, we can tell…but she hasn’t actually turned the key to get the wish (but it is confirmed by Make a Wish). They (Make a Wish) are sending Brynlee’s entire family to Disney World for a week….YIPPEE!

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A visit with Santa

We went to the Make a Wish Christmas Party last night. Brynlee decided that Santa’s lap was not a fun place to sit. She’s been telling us that she wants candy and a baby for Christmas. So when her sister Kenzie sat on Santa’s lap she shouted “tell him you want candy”. It was pretty funny. We all had a fun time visiting with Santa, watching Charlie brown’s Christmas, having punch and cookies and concluding the night with Santa reading us a story.Brynlee, Kade and mom with SantaThe whole family with SantaSanta giving Brynlee a stocking full of treats.Brynlee crashes out

On the way home Brynlee fell asleep in the car. She woke up long enough for Jeff to carry her inside. Jeff sat her on the stairs and she went right back to sleep. This girl will sleep in any position.  (note the candy cane all over the front of her coat……YUM)

By the way, the whole family gets to go with Brynlee on December 22nd to actually turn the key and make her wish the Make a Wish is going to fulfill.  We so appreciate Make a Wish for all they do for Brynlee and children like her and their families.

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This is all that remains of the central line (just a few stitches) The skin is still a little red from always having a bandage on it.  Other then that she’s doing great.

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Listen for Brynlee’s new message on 105.7 FM. THANK YOU My Country 105.7 for working with us. If you do not live in Utah, you can listen on line for her advertisement at http://www.mycountry1057.com/main.html. Just click on the “Listen Live” link at the top.

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