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Nurse Natalie.  We can’t say enough about her, she’s great!  We had Natalie as one of our first nurses.  She taught us a lot.  She was the one who showed us how to care for Brynlee’s central line, which was very overwhelming for us at the time.  Thanks Natalie! 




This is nurse Joyce.  Brynlee was not in a picture taking mood so she wouldn’t look up. Joyce was a fun nurse to have, she would just take the time to chat, which is nice when your trapped in a hospital room all day with a two year old.


Brynlee with nurse Kathleen.  Kathleen is awesome!  She has tasted all of the different medications they give to the kids.  And so when Brynlee was having a hard time keeping one of the steroids down, Kathleen came to the rescue and switched it to one that tastes better.  Thanks Kathleen!

Brynlee with nurse Amber

Brynlee with Nurse Amber.  Amber would always take time to play and entertain Brynlee.


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Just an update

Hi, this is Jen (yes I am actually able to come on and do an update myself)  Anyway I thought everyone would like to know that Brynlee is doing well.  The Dr. called with her blood results and they are still within a good range.  They will draw Brynlee’s blood again on Monday and then we will have other numbers to compare it to.  Then we will be able to see if the numbers are climbing up or falling lower.  But from all signs she’s doing well.  She does have one mouth sore and every once in a while she says “my mouth hurts really bad”  but trust me, it’s nothing like the mouth sores she’s had in the past.  She still gets tired off and on, and yesterday she came up to me and said “I don’t feel very well”.  So I keep a pillow and a blanket on the couch for her and tell her to rest for a minute.  She will lay down for a while and then she’s up and going again.  When your two you still have to play and try to be as normal as possible.  I know if I had to go through what she goes through I wouldn’t ever leave the couch.

Something else that is really exciting is Brynlee’s hair is already coming back.  We noticed it a couple weeks ago and it is slowly coming in.  It is baby fine and so light in color it’s almost white.  We shall see what comes of it.  One mom I talked to said that the hair can come back and then start falling out again before it comes in for good.  We’ve been told it can also come back a totally different color and texture.  So it will be fun to see what happens.

I am so thankful for Brynlee and what she is teaching me.  I am grateful that her body has responded so well to the treatments.  Other children have not been so fortunate.  The ICS floor where Brynlee stays in the hospital recently lost 7 children in a two week period.  Not all children respond and do as well as Brynlee has.  She is our little miracle and we love her.  We are so grateful for all the Dr’s and nurses that help care for Brynlee.  We have tried to get pictures with as many of them as we can.  I will post them and hope that some of them check her blog and know Brynlee would not be here without them.  THANK YOU!

We will continue to update you on her progress.  She goes in for CT scans on Dec. 2.  If they show no signs of cancer she will be in remission (which she should be).  Then they will continue to watch her closely for several more years before they declare her cured from cancer.  So please continue to pray for her……It’s working.

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Here are some of the pictures from Brynlee’s last chemo trip.

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One last wagon ride with my baby brother Kade.

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This is Irish, he’s a way fun nurse.  I have a window in the door of my room and he always makes funny faces at me through it.

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Hanging out with mom.  Sometimes I prefer to sleep on her bed instead.

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My last day at PCMC the nurses came in and sang to me “happy last chemo to you” I didn’t know what to think and I was a little embarrassed.  When we got home daddy hung my banner up in my room.

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