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31 October 2008

A nurse comes every few days to draw Brynlee’s blood.  They check it to be sure all is well.  Today, Jen got the news that Brynlee’s ANC level is 0.  Complicated, medical terms that mean Brynlee’s ability to fight infection is 0.  So, no Trick or Treating for Brynlee tonight.  Just one more reason her age is sometimes an advantage.  She really doesn’t know she “supposed to” go Trick or Treating.  I’m sure she’ll dress up and we’ll get pictures of her and the rest of the children and I’ll post them later. 

This will also postpone Brynlee’s next chemo for one week.  That means she’ll not be going the PCMC until November 10th.  Disapointing, but it’s really the only delay she’s had in her “schedule”.

When we see and hear of so many others suffering with even more serious illnesses, we are thankful for our challenge and for how well Brynlee is doing in the face of such a trial.  Thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts.


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30 October 2008

All went well yesterday at PCMC.  Following are some pictures with some explanations.  Today the Card Family was invited and attended a Halloween Trick or Treat Party at the “Make A Wish Foundation” in Salt Lake City.  Jen stopped a bought new batteries for her camera….but they didn’t work so….no pictures of Halloween costumes, yet.  Check back Saturday for those.

By the way, the Make a Wish Foundation is going to grant Bynlee her wish…more on that later.

The day after Kade’s blessing Jen was upstairs trying to rest because she was recovering from an infection.  Jeff needed to leave and so Jen told him to bring Brynlee upstairs to rest by Jen.  This is where and how Jeff found Brynlee.  She plays hard and then falls asleep wherever.

Here’s the problem…..Brynlee’s main line with a hole and a clamp…that metal thingy is the clamp and not normally there.  The end that is blue is where they insert the meds, etc.


Look closely and you can see the hole in Brynlee’s main line…Jen’s pointing at it.

They’re making it all better again…a fairly easy fix….compared to most things Brynlee has to endure.

After they fixed Brynlee’s main line, they checked to be sure it was working…that is it would open for the meds, etc. that need to be administered through it….she needed some type of a blood thinner, so this is Brynlee waiting for the blood thinner to be ordered from the pharmacy and arrive in the PCMC clinic.

And this is her “CUTENESS”…..isn’t she?   She really is amazing.  Who would have thought that a 2 year old could endure all she has endured and be so happy…..most of the time.

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29 October 2008

Well, things took a little turn for the worst this morning.  All is under control, but it was a few scary moments for Jen when she realized that Brynlee’s central line had blown. 

For those who have not seen Brynlee’s central line and have never seen one, Brynlee has a surgical tube that enters her chest just to her right of her heart.  That tube goes directly into the main artery that goes into her heart.  The tube, understandably, is very important.  It saves Brynlee countless “pokes” with needles for ALL that they have to do for her….it is also a source of serious infection if not kept absolutely sterile….and a potentially life threatnng device if it “blows” or, in other words, gets a hole and the blood from her body empties out.

 Jen thought she could take a shower this morning (one would think that was okay).  Sadie and Brynlee were playing quietly and Jen reasoned all would be well.  Brynlee has been so “normal” that it seemed a reasonable assumption. 

Jen got showered and dressed and called for the girls to come into her room to get dressed while Jen did her hair.  Brynlee showed up with something “spilled” on her pajamas.  As Jen took off the pajamas she could see there was trouble with her central line.  It looked like it had been “leaking” for some time.  Afraid to disturb the line but knowing she had to do something, Jen grabbed one of the many “clamps” that they were given for just such emergencies and clamped Brynlee’s central line as close to her body as she could.  Then proceeded to investigate where the blood was coming from. 

Jen, Jeff and Brynlee are on their way to PCMC as I type and when they return we should know more but as far as Jen can tell the tubing coming away from Brynlee’s chest split along the tube.  Because of the way it split, blood wasn’t spurting (thank goodness), but was “leaking” depending on how Brynlee moved.  Scary stuff and the thing I personally worry about when Brynlee is in our care.  I once joked with Jen (when she was telling me how to use the clamp) that I was going to wrap Brynlee in cotton and set her on my bed for safe keeping.

More updates when they return with more information, but we expect and hope that it will be an outpatient “fix” in the clinic at PCMC.

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28 October 2008

Today went well for Brynlee and family.  After a brief “fit” over getting weighed, etc.  Brynlee was happy and content throughout their stay at the clinic.  She received her blood transfusion and all is well….except that when I was talking to Jen a few moments ago, Brynlee was very, very tired and cross.  Jen even offered to give her to me :o)

She fell asleep on Jen’s lap as we were talking.  Tomorrow will be better and we’re looking forward to Halloween together.

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27 October 2008

Our precious Brynlee has had a good week+ but now her blood is low, low and needs some help.  So off to PCMC they go tomorrow, the 28th, for a blood transfusion.  It should take all day but they should be able to return home the same day.  Brynlee will be an “out patient” in the “clinic”. 

By the way, Brynlee is eating any and all sweets/candy she can get her hands on….so I guess the not liking sweets thing is over.

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22 October 2008

Here’s some pictures from last Sunday, when Kade was blessed.  Notice how happy Brynlee is….that’s normal for her.

These two are attached at the hip….or the chest.  There’s definately a bond between Father and Daughter.

Cute little bald head.  When you touch her head and ask, “What’s this?”, she replies, “My bald head”.  She takes it all in stride.

She slept on my lap for over an hour.  So precious is she.

The Whole Family together right before the blessing.  We whisked Brynlee home right after the blessing.  Except for the pictures, she had to wear her mask.

Grandparents Poulson with Jen and Kade.

Kade with all the Girls.

All the “Men” from the Card family.

It was, after all, Kade’s day.  Here he all alone.

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19 October 2008

It was a good day!  Jen and Jeff finally got to give Kade a name and a blessing in church today and Brynlee is well (as well as she can be) and acting very normal.  Brynlee came to church (with a face mask on) for the first time in over 2 months.  We took pictures in front of the church before the meeting began.  As soon as Kade was blessed, Bill and I whisked Brynlee out of the church and home away from all the “public germs”.  She was so pleasant and happy but did ask if she could go back to church.  As soon as church was over and the rest of the family returned home, we had a great lunch together and Brynlee fell asleep on my lap for over an hour.  When she awoke, she was happy and bouncy and playing “tickle games” with her Daddy.  When Jen forwards some pictures to me, I’ll get them posted.

In the mean time, here’s some pictures of Brynlee at a neighbor’s pumpkin patch.  The whole family went….hurray!  That’s not happened too often lately.

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